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GRATITUDE NOT ATTITUDE:  My service is before God; I am not to stop doing my job because others are being irresponsible.  I am not to become proud because I am doing MY PART.  I will not die from doing more than my share, and I can choose to do more than my part when necessary.  People enjoy working with someone who has a grateful attitude.  Choose graciousness as a way of life.

GOD LEADS US TO REPENTENCE Romans 2:4 "....the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance."

It is not necessarily how bad we have been that leads us to repentance.  Instead, it is how kind, loving and good God is that compels us to kneel before him and ask for forgiveness.   The slightest stain of sin becomes obvious next to Christ's perfection. Repentance comes naturally as we understand and see the true character of God in Jesus.

ANGRY? DEAL WITH IT!  Christians often feel that the best way to respond to anger is pretend that nothing happened.  Ignoring pain is not forgiveness.  The stuffed anger will surface somewhere in your life—illness, depression, poor relationships, misplaced anger, or God issues.  Begin to deal with current and past hurts.  Slowly work your way through them until they are healed. Forgive again and again until the work is complete in your heart!

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The key to joy  is absolute surrender and submission to the will of God. Joy always begins with hope—Hope for redemption; a future home in glory; an eternal existence full of peace, joy, and love with our redeemer. It is a living hope ( I Peter 1:3-4).  Expectations, rights, and self-serving attitudes bring us to despair and a lack of hope.  These attitudes result in anger at God and man. Bad times will come, but joy can be found in the darkest pit by surrendering and trusting God’s perfect plan.


Often we seek to build our kingdoms here on Earth while God is preparing us for residency in an eternal Kingdom.  God opens and closes doors of opportunity. Trust God to supernaturally lead you forward for His purposes.  

Psalms 31:14 But I trust in You, Lord; I say, "You are my God."

ARE YOU BELIEVING A LIE?A lie is as strong as the truth if you believe it.  We are often held in bondage by false beliefs about ourselves and others,  Insecurity, unproductive habits, social conflicts, and many other negative experiences often have false beliefs at its root.  Ask God to reveal the "lies" that Satan has planted in you. Examples of such lies are "No one cares."  "I am a failure."  "I can't do ______."  "People can't be trusted."  "I will never be successful."  "It's just the way I am."  Change these lies into the truth which may look like this--"Some people do care." "I have failed at this, but with God's help I will try another route." "Some people can't be trusted."   "I don't have to be able to do everything, I can hire my weaknesses and build on my strengths."  "Every failure is a stepping stone to my future success.  I will learn from my failure and ask God to lead me to success in my future."  "I am not defined by my past."  "As long as I have life, with God's help, I can change." Remember, only "TRUTH" can set you free. 

 KNOW YOU PLACE!Know when you have the authority to make a decision and know when a decision belongs to a higher authority.  Don't cross the line.  Know the boundaries of your responsibilities and decision-making privileges.  Learn to obey directives quickly, quietly, and gladly.  When you can't agree with your superiors, prepare to make an appeal.  Make sure you have been a good employee and have earned the right to be heard.  Choose your battles carefully and purposefully.